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Rapid insight into your signed contracts

Get the full picture of your existing contracts.




Unlock your contracts’ insights

Whether you need to explore hundreds of contracts to determine your exposure to new regulations such as GDPR, a big change like the IBOR/LIBOR transition, or even investigate thousands of contracts for due diligence during an acquisition, ThoughtRiver's data extraction capability has you covered.

ThoughtRiver gives you rapid insight into the details of your signed contracts so you can make data-driven business decisions.





Contract data extracted and analysed from thousands of contracts in minutes


10x more cost effective than a manual review


Use insights to aid fast, data-driven decision making

Quickly analyse a portfolio during M&A due diligence

Extract key contractual themes from thousands of contracts for analysis during due diligence exercises, such as termination for convenience, change of control, and variation.


Rapidly understand how new regulation affects your business

Analyse your positions across thousands of contracts in regard to new regulations or even major incidents. For example, we helped large corporates with GDPR and are now helping clients through COVID-19 responses.

ThoughtRiver in action

We helped a top 20 U.S. investment management firm review anti-money laundering clauses to assess compliance with the 3rd EU AML Directive.


We are working with a top global law firm and several large corporates to understand force majeure provisions in the world of COVID-19.

"What we seek to do with ThoughtRiver is extract critical information from contracts – execution date, expiration date, when renewal notices need to go out – the absolute basic information that, if not managed, will cost the company."
Martin Algie, Principal, MIA Contract Lawyers

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