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Empower your lawyers to do more with less

ThoughtRiver improves your contracting process by focusing your lawyers on what really matters. Negotiating deals.

Accelerate negotiations

ThoughtRiver enables lawyers to review and negotiate contracts more quickly and with less risk.


Reduce risk

ThoughtRiver compares contract language against your own policies to give you a robust and contextual view of risk.


Negotiate better

Lawyers who use ThoughtRiver are 33-66% more productive so can really focus on the substance.


Sign more deals

When lawyers respond faster, issues are dealt with seamlessly, and more deals get signed. We drive deal velocity.

Trusted by many of the world’s largest organisations

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Negotiate better

ThoughtRiver arms you with deep insight into the risk contained in a new contract before you negotiate and then guides you through the issues and the mark-up process.

Pre-signature contracts

  • Focus on what mattersFocus valuable legal time on negotiating the critical issues and remediating the key clauses.
  • Reduce risk and enhance complianceBy ensuring all reviews happen consistently against the same backdrop, business risk is reduced, and compliance becomes simpler.
  • Cut legal costs and increase Deal VelocityBy allowing lawyers to do more work in less time, ThoughtRiver actively reduces the need to engage with outside counsel. Find out more about Deal Velocity.
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Post-signature contracts

  • Contract analyticsUse data from your signed contracts and past negotiations to make smarter business decisions. Find out more.
  • Rapid insightExtract key terms from a volume of contracts to get the full picture of the risk contained within them. Find out more.
  • Visualise your contract dataView your contractual risk data within ThoughtRiver’s integration with Tableau.

Key features


Flexible use

Contracts can be sent for review via email, via the web app, or with a single click within MS Word.


Risk scoring

Assigns a risk score to clause language to immediately focus your mind on what matters.


Guided mark-up

Drop in comments or redline from your own clause bank within MS Word with a single click.

Book a demo to discover how ThoughtRiver’s automated contract review technology can deliver against your use cases.

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How we help your team

ThoughtRiver’s champions are often in-house lawyers looking to get more done in less time, but they are not the only beneficiaries of value within your business.


General Counsel

ThoughtRiver helps GCs to reduce their contractual risk, cut their legal costs, and partner with the wider business.

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Inside Counsel/Attorney

ThoughtRiver empowers lawyers to focus only on the clauses that really need attention, and increases confidence to negotiate and conclude.

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Legal Operations

ThoughtRiver drives measurable improvements within your contracting process by making each lawyer more efficient.

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ThoughtRiver speeds up the review and negotiation of new contracts enabling sales to close more deals.

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ThoughtRiver helps procurement get new deals signed faster allowing them to realise the savings they have negotiated more quickly.

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“ThoughtRiver helps my team to cover more ground in less time by making their contract review work much more efficient”
Mark Rodgers, ANZ General Counsel, DB Schenker

Why it is time to automate contract reviews

Discover how automation gives legal professionals the time and the tools to boost business performance.


Book a demo to discover how ThoughtRiver’s automated contract review technology can deliver against your use cases.

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