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Focus on what matters, the deal

ThoughtRiver helps in-house legal teams to speed up contract negotiations while also reducing risk, and delivering real value for the business.

Become experienced beyond your years

In-house lawyers are caught between their need to control risk and the ever-growing demands of the business for speed and growth.

ThoughtRiver helps you deliver those better business outcomes

By empowering you to work more efficiently and providing you with a platform that supports you through every step of your workflow, we help you deliver on your goals.

  • Reduce riskBy ensuring all reviews happen consistently against the same policy, your review becomes faster and less risky.
  • Complement your existing knowledgeBy guiding you through the review against your company policy, and through the remediation process, you grow in confidence.
  • Drive growthToo often legal is seen as a bottleneck to getting deals done. With a focus on deal velocity and the right tools, you can accelerate growth.
“In recent trials, Cia (powered by ThoughtRiver) reviewed complex supply contracts in less than three minutes, achieving an accuracy level of 90+%. The same contracts took qualified lawyers four hours to review, at an average accuracy rate of 86%.”
Joe Stephenson, Partner

Trusted by many of the world’s largest organisations

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ThoughtRiver Insights

Learn how pre-screening and AI remediation technology speeds up contracting within your business and turns your lawyers into the strategic advisors you want them to be.

AI and a new way of looking at contract pre-screening

AI and a new way of looking at contract pre-screening

The use of artifical intelligence software to identify possible items of concern in legal documents is well established.

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Disrupting more than 1,000 years of legal contracts

How Lexible, the universal contract language, is opening up business opportunities by bringing the legal sector into the digital age.

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Digital leadership has multiple payoffs in law

Embracing an initiative to create a shared language of contracting can create new revenue streams.

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