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From Manual to Machine: The Transition to AI-powered NDA Reviews

Streamlining Legal Operations: The Role of AI in NDA Review

The 5 Most Negotiated Clauses in NDA Review

Harnessing AI Intelligence: The Rise of Contract AI Analysis

Precision and Compliance: Ensuring Accuracy with AI in Contract Management

Understanding Redlining in Contract Review: A Complete Guide

Announcing ThoughtRiver's API: Transform Your CLM with Seamless Integration and Automated Contract Reviews

AI-Driven Contract Management Evolution

Review Contract Lawyer vs. General Counsel: What's the Difference?

‘Twas the night before ThoughtRiver Christmas 2023

Streamlining Contract Workflows with AI

Unlocking the Potential of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): An In-Depth Guide

Understanding the Role of GDPR in Contract Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Harnessing the Power of Automated Contract Review with ThoughtRiver's Integration with Office365

Elevating Contract Review with Enhanced Portfolio Reports: A Leap in Legal Tech Efficiency

Embracing the Future: How AI is Positively Transforming Industries Across the UK

The Future of Legal Document Automation: Embracing Technology

The Rise of Automated Contract Review: How It's Changing the Legal Tech Landscape

AI-Driven Contract Risk Assessment: Mitigating Potential Pitfalls

Leveraging AI for GDPR-Ready Contract Reviews

Choosing the Right Contract Management Tools: A Comprehensive Comparison

AI Contract Drafting: A Game Changer in the Legal Industry

Contract Management in Construction

The Rise of Automated Contract Review: How It's Changing Legal Tech Landscape

AI Contract Analysis Tools: What Every Legal Professional Should Know

Deal Velocity: Accelerating Transactions While Ensuring Compliance

Mastering Contract Management: Best Practices for Success

Contract Review Automation: How Legal AI is Revolutionising Compliance

AI in Legal Solutions: Transforming Contract Management

Unlocking Efficiency: The Power of AI Contract Management

How Organizations Can Harness the Power of AI with Contract Management

What the FTC’s Investigation Into ChatGPT Means for Data Security

Enhancing Team Efficiency: Training Junior Staff with Legal AI

Holistic commercial contract reviews with Familiarity Intelligence

Embracing the Power of AI: How Law Firms Can Revolutionise Their Legal Practice

The Law of Tech Podcast

ThoughtRiver Shortlisted at the Legal Innovation Awards 2023

ThoughtRiver announces new partnership and first major deal with Co-operative Computing

‘Twas the night before ThoughtRiver Christmas 2022

Auto-redlining - if this is the right answer, are we asking the wrong question? [Updated]

Review bespoke contracts in minutes with customized checklists

Meet the Team: Fiona Booth, Senior Product Manager

The World's Most Accurate Legal AI for Contract Review

Help teams to mitigate risk with internal guidance

Meet the Team: Gabriele Kukauskaite, Front End Developer

How to remove risk without creating a bespoke risk playbook

The Technology That Is Revolutionizing How Business Gets Done

Counting the cost of the construction crisis

The new rules of risk management for construction & engineering appointments

4 ways to reduce exposure to inflation

5 ways to generate new revenue as a ThoughtRiver partner

A Day in the Life - James Peacock, Business Development

Get ready for a giant Lexible® leap

How technology can help solve the PI construction crisis

The smart way to respond to third-party contracts and minimize redlining

Foley Launches Artificial Intelligence Assisted Contract Review Solution

Meet the Team: Laila Khan, Legal Product Specialist

How legal tech can open up new revenue streams for forward-thinking law firms

Struggling to identify and remediate old SCCs before the 27th December 2022 deadline? You’re not alone.

A catch up with Kirsty Alderton, VP Ops

Women in Tech Series - Katie Waite, Customer Success Manager

Women in Tech Series - Charis Cowap, Legal Content Specialist

The ThoughtRiver team's Most Influential Women in UK Law and Legal Tech

Women in Tech Series - Laila Khan, Legal Product Specialist

Women in Tech Series - Paula Doyle, Legal Innovation Consultant & Lawyer

ThoughtRiver feature update: Digital Issues List Report

ThoughtRiver’s predictions for the year of the tiger

Contract Automation pioneers ThoughtRiver offer free trial of Purely NDA

What will 2022 bring the ThoughtRiver team?

How contract review automation can help you achieve your 2022 goals

A catch up with Tiana Gordon - CS Lead

We Welcome Richard Hill - VP Engineering

A round-up of our most-read blogs of 2021

How setting standards helps drive efficiency and excellence in the legal community

Going beyond the redline: A digital solution to contract squabbles

Just launched! Digital Issues List from ThoughtRiver

A chat with Alex McAdam, ThoughtRiver's first legal trainee

4 key priorities for in-house lawyers

Why it’s time to turn your contracting policies into a digitised risk playbook

How legal technology will help you attract and retain the best talent

4 tips to deliver effective change management

New partnership with a mission to simplify contracts

Women in Tech Series - Alice Paley, Head of Legal

Meeting Mark Flint - product Designer

11 go-to legal tech blogs and resources to keep you up to date

5 common legal tech myths busted

How to measure the ROI of legal tech

The role of technology in enabling remote working for legal

The importance of data for in-house legal teams

Why GCs should not let a good crisis go to waste

Attentive AI that boosts accuracy and consistency

How digitisation turns contracting from a pain into an asset

Do lawyers speak the right language?

What exactly does AI do in legal tech?

Why should my board invest in legal tech?

Why your legal tech AI needs to be as cautious as you are

How Legal Can Help the Business to Safely Self-Serve

Tech, Automation and Legal Self-Service; What You Need to Know

How Legal Ops is Defining In-House Legal Maturity

3 contract negotiation strategies to reduce contract risk

Why you should automate your contract negotiation process

Beyond automated contract markup: From redlining to signing deals

Why deal velocity in Legal is the crucial metric you aren’t tracking

Supercharge your deal velocity with automated contract review

Contract analytics that empower the GC's team with data-driven insights

Now is the time to realise the benefits of automating contract reviews

Why rapid insight is key to business success

Faster contract negotiation closes more deals: The business case for contract acceleration

How can legal operations help lawyers accelerate contract negotiation?

The problem with manual legal review in contract negotiation

What's contract acceleration and how does it improve negotiation?

Choose to Challenge: ThoughtRiver Celebrates International Women’s Day

Six tips for successful contract negotiation

The role of AI in forward-thinking legal procurement strategies

Contract negotiation best practices every lawyer should know

Experience the Critical Commodity in Deal Negotiation

ThoughtRiver Unveils Contract Acceleration Platform

Artificial lawyer covers Contract Acceleration

Student Bytes: Industry Insiders - Intelligent Contract Pre-Screening

Accelerating legal negotiation with contract analytics

LIVE WEBINAR: Smarter Negotiations using AI

EU and AstraZeneca - a case study - why contracts must be simplified

Meeting Rebekkah Provine, Product Lead

Meeting Mike Hughes, Legal Product Specialist

Digital Transformation In Legal Departments: Vision Vs Reality

Meeting Abhishekh Jay Baskaran, Python Engineer

ThoughtRiver's Diversity Committee

Meeting Peter Dimitrov, Data Science Team

Meeting Munazzah, Insight Engineer in the Exploration Squad at ThoughtRiver

Cambridge tech salaries some of the highest in the UK as demand for skilled workers surges

What It Really Means to Be a Better Lawyer

Our key takeaways from the GC Summit 2020

Award recognition at ThoughtRiver

Three rapid insights use cases with ThoughtRiver

Contract analytics is empowering the GC to become more strategic

Digital transformation in a legal department: how to get started?

ThoughtRiver secures $10M funding to support global expansion as lawyers look to automate contracting and accelerate         deal velocity

Unlocking Global Tech Start Local, Scale Global - 8 Sep 2020

Deal velocity: the metric that matters to the whole business.

The need for speed: increasing your deal velocity

More efficient commerce is driven by faster contract review

What will the legal landscape look like in 2025?

Why Deal Velocity means more to your business than just faster sales

Staying in the flow and focused when performing contract review

Black and White

What is Automated Contract Review?

How can I speed up sales?

Why ‘deal velocity’ should be a shared KPI between legal and sales teams

LIVE WEBINAR: The Benefits of Automated Contract Review, 20th May 2020 at 3pm BST / 10am EST

How Legal Tech Will Shape The New How - Shoosmiths Webinar 14th May 2020

AI and a new way of looking at contract pre-screening

5 Benefits of Automated Contract Review

Adapting to Adversity part 4

Legal tech during Covid-19 from a young paralegal’s perspective

F-Lex- ThoughtRiver webinar

Legal Tech Made Simple - Podcast Interview with Tim Pullan

Adapting to Adversity part 3

Adapting to Adversity p.2: Understanding Force Majeure

Adapting to Adversity p.1: Maintaining deal velocity amidst disruption

Meet The Team - Siobhan Gallagher

LegalTechMafia Breakfast – A Great Way to Start The Day!

Why Have Lawyers Been Slow to Embrace AI Technology?

ThoughtRiver Insight from LegalWeek New York 2020

Lexible Learning Centre – Now Taking Enrolments

Team Spotlight. Lewis Cooper - Product Owner

Meet The Team David Burton - Application Engineer

PwC enters ‘LawTech’ market in collaboration ThoughtRiver

ThoughtRiver chosen to join exclusive Upscale programme

Kristin Shevis new hire, North America Sales & Success

LegalWeek Speakers and Panels

Time for Tea - Meet us at LegalWeek New York 4-6 Feb 2020

Life as a Lexible Consultant at ThoughtRiver - by Tiana Gordon

Evolve the Law Podcast with Founder Tim Pullan

5 things you should know about contract pre-screening

ThoughtRiver and Taylor Vinters announce partnership

The Productivity Benefits of Remaining ‘In The Zone’

The ThoughtRiver Education Outreach Programme

Meet the Team - Samuel Almeida, DevOps Lead Engineer

Beyond pre-screening: the revenue-generating use cases for Lexible

ThoughtRiver: LegalTech’s first legal training provider

A Digital Framework for 21st Century Legal Services

Game-changing Word Plug-In showcased at Legal Geek

ThoughtRiver Carbon Neutral

PwC NewLaw Team To Partner With ThoughtRiver

Unlocking the revenue opportunities through strategic legal partnerships

AI-powered Microsoft Word Remediation Tool for Lawyers

FT/RSG Intelligent Business Forum and Awards shortlist

Supporting a global conversation on the Climate Crisis

Combatting the Climate Crisis at ThoughtRiver

ThoughtRiver appoints VP of sales

ThoughtRiver Offers Contract Stack Review Capability With Salesforce’s Tableau

UniCourt Influencer Q&A with Tim Pullan of ThoughtRiver

Law firms look to tech to open up new revenue streams

Meet the Team - Carlotta Vercesi, Contract Intelligence Intern

Meet the Team - Tiana Gordon, Contract Intelligence Intern

LegalGeek UK, 16th October 2019

Meet the Team - Rebekkah Provine

Introducing Lexible, by ThoughtRiver

MIA Contract Lawyers uses pre-screening to maximise profits

John is raising money to help Huntingdon Childrens Charity - Dreamdrops